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BY 2025 ABOUT one-third of EuropeХs population will be aged 60 years and over and there will be a particularly rapid increase in the number of people aged 80 years and older. The countries of Europe must develop strategies to meet this challenge. Promoting good health and active societal participation among the older citizens will be crucial in these strategies.

The Healthy Ageing Р a Challenge for Europe report presents an overview of interventions on ageing and health. It includes suggested recommendations to decision makers, NGOs and practitioners on how to get into action to
promote healthy ageing among the growing number of older people.

The report also presents different countriesХ policies/strategies for older peopleХs health, summaries of reviews on the effectiveness of interventions for later life, and a number of examples on good practice projects promoting
healthy ageing. Data about the health of older people is presented.

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